I add a tablespoon of good brown sugar (demerara), a generous pinch of real sea salt, and the powder contents from 1 probiotic capsule (this acted as my starter). It’s tart, fizzy and slightly sweet and sour, and really refreshing when served cold. If I tilt it enough, some liquid will actually drip out. The only downside I can think of is that the ferment probably won’t be fizzy. 3) And instead of a glass, I used a large, wide jar with a locking lid. I can’t wait! Fermenting Honey. Add blended mixture to your ice cream maker - as per the directions each machine is different. Now make a new batch and add 1/4 c of the Rejuvelac (the 1st batch), now let sit only 24 hours, repeat the process. Honey Bees for Sale & Raw Local Honey - 67-69 Sutherland Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 6BH Company No. Should I refrigerate it. just nature. The top slices had turned a little brown and were mushy, but they still held together as a banana slice. I didn’t know about fermenting fruit. Thanks! Is air flow bad for fermenting fruit? Quite Calming actually. Add in one or two slices of Lemon soaked with Honey, and it cleans up the the fermenting smells making them smells wonderfully alcoholic. That’s what most any sweet ferment will do. I’ve personally found them to be more enjoyable to eat/drink than fermented veggies because there’s a bit of lingering sweetness there that balances the sourness really nicely. For the starter, I just used the liquid. They will still work fine in your banana bread or even yogurt shake. Myself and four of my seven kids have GI issues and sensitivity. I started with the most basic kind that’s super easy to do — fermented cabbage (sauerkraut). note: Remember to put the cans in the coldest part of your fridge overnight so the I shall try a few grains of that and see what happens. I haven’t tried whey, but I think that should work just as well as a starter. The honey will foam visibly and develop unpleasantly sour flavors. I prefer the very overripe bananas, as the fermenting process will start faster. Discover (and save!) As I was eating a banana after my pineapples I thought, Hmm, can I ferment bananas too? I tried this (one banana recipe) a few weeks ago using some sauerkraut brine and it was great! And the slices below the top ones were still yellow, but mushy as well. It sounds like the bad bacteria won out in your case. Then I plop the sliced bananas into the glass, leaving about 1-1.5 inches of room at the top. I didn’t do anything but leave the peels on (though each one had split, so there was so air getting in there), and the bananas had been very bruised. A Simple Blog about my City based Garden in Lake Walker, MD. I tried a one inch chunk of banana, and it’s quite good. That’s the magic of good bacteria — those little guys have pre-digested my bananas to culinary perfection. It’ll still bubble as ferments do, but without pressure, there won’t be much fizziness in the liquid. ; Protecting honey from fermentation is important to both humans and bees. I enjoyed it. E.g. I guess time will tell. Have you tried banana in honey ferment before. Well, with fermented bananas, that doesn’t happen. Once you have enough garlic in your jar, pour in some raw honey to cover it. Copyright © All rights reserved. Hi Thola, did you add salt and a good starter? If you’ve tried fermented bananas, let me know how you like them! I keep finding different recipes for fermenting bananas. Because of your story, now I am going to try to use my fermenting liquid for more batches. Honey needs to be about 18.6 percent water or less for long-term storage. As for the brown sugar, I prefer to use the dark brown sugar that has more molasses. One common one is to submerge the bananas in coconut water kefir—would pomegranate water kefir work as well (or any flavored water kefir)? I came across your site when I Googled fermented banana recipies. I just learned how to work with sourdough starter a few weeks ago, and one of the essential parts seems to be using a lid that allows air flow. For hot days and exercising. I put it back & put a brick on top of lid. cream separates from the water - use only the cream part. We used them to make tostones when they were green, banana lumpia when they turned yellow (first time I tried that), and made shakes. Thank you. This is brilliant Sam! Whip up the bananas, vanilla, cardamom, gelatin and the cream portion of the coconut milk. Landed here quite on accident. The single kefir “gem” is doing it’s job of creating probiotics. Hi Tash, I use Jarrow’s Jarro-Dophilus probiotics. This site contains copyrighted material and its entire contents are protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation under U.S. copyright laws, international conventions and other copyright laws. Carefully strain hot banana liquid into the fermenting bucket, over top of the raisins. They’re done in about 12 hours or so — no kidding. isn’t there a need to let fermentation gas out during the process? ), My wisdom teeth surgery — how I healed over 3 weeks, How I improved my eyesight naturally by using weaker glasses (Part 2). But the yeast cannot grow in the low-moisture environment of … I was fascinated by your Mexico & alcohol info. often I have been gifted with cases of bananas and share them out with friends, family and neighbors. So whatever I try should probably be today, or if I stick them in the fridge, tomorrow. I noticed that in your second batch you used a sealed glass jar, Not sure about betablockers either, but fermentation seems to increase the nutritional content of food and makes it more easily digestible/absorbable, so that’s hopeful. But any probiotic with lactobacillus should do just as well. This might have to do with my fertile imagination or the fact that not much has been written about them (compared to other fruit ferments). Covered the jar with cling-wrap and rubber band. I guess that’s also probably how food was fermented in the old days — they just add a bit of salt and leave it somewhere covered. I left it on the counter for a few more days and noticed the bag began to expand and eventually blow up tight like a balloon but not pop. Hi Dianne, just look out for signs of fermentation (smell, bubbling etc.) When I rush the process or worry and fret over it, it just doesn’t respond the same way. If you're game, here's one to try: Whey Drink 1/2 c whey (see Part 1 on how to make whey) when a fruit falls from a tree, in the right conditions, it will still ferment on the ground and animals will eat it (this could be for the alcohol, but they might also instinctively know from smell that it’s good for them?). Place the glass jar of honey in hot water to re-liquefy it. No added sugar or salt necessary or probiotics either, Thank you. If you keep bananas in the house, it’ inevitable…you’ll eventually have an accidental bundle of banana bread worthy specimens browning on the counter. I live alone and fresh fruits and veggies go bad before I can eat them so fermenting is a money saver. what did you do? Using a bit of yogurt or whey should work also, for the same reason. Did a search and found your page. It's fermenting, which isn't good. I’m really excited about this post. The garlic will probably float a bit and that’s ok. It’s important to use raw honey to make fermented garlic in honey, as it will still have all the bacteria and wild yeast that is necessary for fermentation. I am totally new to fermenting. The extra room is needed because the ferment will expand and rise. Tricia in Texas, independent & survival & healing nut case. I’ve used bananas to flavor kombucha, but didn’t really think of using kombucha to ferment bananas, if that makes any sense . I had several bananas that went brown as we didn’t eat them fast enough so I put them in a glass jar in the fridge (after peeling them). They have many proven natural benefits, including antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Mash bananas in a large bowl, but not too finely, and leave at room temperature, tightly covered with cling wrap, for 48-72 hours (you may need to release some of the gas). This is aside from their health benefits. When I get stubborn and leave them for a full day (>24 hours), they get fairly alcoholic and lose almost all the sweetness. To get air flow, I suppose you’d need to use cloth (since it’s air permeable) and a rubber band as a lid. Hi Hanneh, sorry I missed your question. Thanks very much for sharing! So well in fact that I’ve been on roll ever since. I know that fermented bananas are also a dessert in Vietnam though I’ve no idea how it’s made there. If you wish you can allow the honey to get to 160 degrees during the re-liquefying … And any acidic liquid can corrode plastic and leech dangerous toxic chemicals into itself.