Hoşgeldiniz Krone Tilt Trailers Profi Liner

Saturday30 May 2020

Profi Liner
Krone Profi Liner model vehicles, mass production of high-quality parts to the smallest detail of the design of robust, reliable, and useful. All of these features tilt trailers Krone Profi liner of all earned the distinction of being the most basic model.

The main purpose is to protect the value of the Profi Liner. Begin to protect the value of the chassis, the chassis is quite rigid and stable, although not heavy. Cathodic dip coating method, which is painted with high quality and first-class production elements as well as the basic hardware with award-winning Multi Lock external frame, low operating costs and sturdiness created.

Profi Liner trailers ready for the future today. With height-adjustable undercarriage, king pin height can vary between 1,038 and 1,188 mm.

As soon as the installation is complete. Every minute is important in the business of shipping, loading and unloading Profi Liner features that have to be made as soon as possible provide. Practice sliding fathers, Edscha sliding roof and the ideal time for bonding and the installation process will not be lost due to the lock mechanism. Profi Liner shipping demand may require a different solution to each of many different optional equipment with the ability to meet user demand: Profi Liner'ın accordance with any transport problem has a solution.

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