Hoşgeldiniz Krone Closed Box Trailer Cool Liner

Monday25 May 2020

coolliner steel 061
Cool Liner (FrigoFrik)

Cool Liner (refrigerated)

Krone glass fiber reinforced plastic panels in terms of performance with a strong cold römorklarını Cool Cool Liner Liner duoplex duoplex GRP panel and longitudinal steel panels are also available in steel panel model.

Sturdy, practical and efficient freight transport difficult Krone Cool Liner models suitable for use in all temperatures. Chassis, bodywork and equipment is robust and is considered to the finest detail. Flexible air duct, liquid-proof locks on the rear floor is made ​​of stainless steel is made by taking into consideration the needs of the whole.

Cool for maximum cooling with minimum energy consumption Liner'in duoplex Steel has a useful life and reduce operating costs duoplex GRP panels. This is because, even in the Krone's the highest level of performance, energy-saving cooling solutions. Also the structure of indoor enclosures only used in structural elements known manufacturers all over Europe. Thus, the quality of a recognized brand name when it comes to trust, and you need to change a piece, you know it can be done smoothly all the time.

The demand for freight transport foodstuff to meet all kinds of safes Krone off. Vegetables, meats or dry foods Cool Liner'da both with optional and special equipment can be transported to the right. If desired, line temperature monitoring systems may be integrated with information such as the vehicle's location.


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