Hoşgeldiniz Krone Closed Box Trailer Dry Liner

Monday25 May 2020

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Dry Liner

Dry Liner'la loads and dry, as well as an economical way to your destination. Durable superstructure individually and for shipping goods in everyday practical equipment to the finest detail is thought out.

The structure of the building intact and safe and sound Box is resistant to many elements. Sturdy welded chassis with transverse reinforcements and rear chassis with rubber wedges loading ramps can maintain stability even under extreme conditions. Dry Liner'da steel body, stainless types were subjected to cathodic paint plus powder layering. Fashion clothes, valuable electronic goods and furnishings safe and protected in a vault to be moved off the Dry Liner is suitable for all.

Dry Liner is produced on the basis of a flexible chassis frame Profi Liner is flexible so that the second trailer next to the taşırcasına almost seamlessly with the other takes care of all the work. There are many practical details Krone All DRYLINER varieties. Zinc-coated steel sheet is resistant to all-around occurs. To reduce air resistance and consumption of inclined wall of the savings. Dry hole instead of a standard model Liner'ı flat steel sheets of plywood side panels, fixing bars, plywood or needle felt covering and it is possible to supply with double-layer system.


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