Hoşgeldiniz Krone Container Chassis

Monday13 July 2020

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Box Liner

Durability of container transport is essential. Therefore, when it comes to heavy loads Krone Box Liner is designed so as not to give up. Box Liner, In addition to being lightweight and durable for everyday transport any type of container is equipped. Krone offers a proven standard equipment and options, such as air through the rear extension is ideal for your work Boxliner fully effective.

Container transport is a difficult task. Containers must be possible to change the process is very fast, the trailer must be based on for a long time. Krone Box Liner is a tool designed for the task of this type. Box Liner is lighter than the standard chassis and still produced using the technique of powder coating KTL Kataforese. The newly developed features such as one-touch pneumatic rear extension assembly is suitable for versatile use.

Versatile flexible: Box Liner Series Tünelsiz tunneled to 20 feet container or tandem axle including short model, according to the need of each type of available frames Box Liner. Universal type, 20 feet, 45 Feet container, short, long, or carry container suitable for all types of tünelsiz. Two-axle model with different combinations of eight to 45 Feet ground is not only the transport of containers, 13.6 m long and can be changed at the same time to open safes are the right solutions. Three-axle Box Liner'ler all stretched wheelbase (1,410 / 1,310 mm) is. Facilitated the work of the four standard shipping locks, height-adjustable wedge nature, as it is a very powerful and practical rubber pads designed to the smallest detail is thought out elements.


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