Hoşgeldiniz Krone Suspension Systems Box Carrier

Monday13 July 2020

boxliner 011
Box Carrier

Krone replacement chassis is very robust and the body is more specifically designed for demanding transportation. These models are not only easy and very solid construction, but also rich in all kinds of hardware detail is preferred to carry the load comfortably.

KRONE container chassis load sırtlayan to change all kinds of cash register systems to assume the leadership in terms of quality is a major cause, to the smallest detail thought out all the Krone outdoor enclosures is the same basic hardware. Chassis torsionally very durable and strong. All other details of the hardware structure of the corresponding Krone'deki modern trailer has high standards: as a long-lasting corrosion protection cataphoresis and powder coating applications dip, hiking, assembly, light and air fittings. All of these devices in a closed box system facilities are offered choice.


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