Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck T-Series

Saturday30 May 2020

Truck Temperature Control Systems

    Quiet operation
Low operating costs, reduced fuel consumption for
Low maintenance cost units, which saves time and money
Flexible system solutions by providing single and multi-temperature properties of the mixed load temperatures allow
Advanced technology, microprocessors, with less fault monitoring and fault solving unique functions to ensure that the temperature sensitivity of

Low fuel consumption

    Thermo King, with extensive development and field experience, fresh and frozen products for handling in all conditions, single and multi-split system efficiency, fuel consumption and has found the right balance between the performance of the
TSR-2 controller developed a new fuel-saving control technology means greater fuel efficiency
Spectrum models, T1200R T1200R and the ETV valve (electronic throttle), the engine helps to reduce emission levels and allows an increase in fuel economy, depending on area of ​​use

Low operating life-cycle costs

    TSR-2 controller, all kinds of conditions are required according to the load allows the organization to ensure the optimum level of all the functions of the unit.
EMI2000 extended maintenance interval program, reduced maintenance costs.
T-Series units are supplied with a 2 year full warranty.

    Fuel consumption

Ease of use and maintenance

    TSR-2 controller is a new, intuitive, error-free for the user to view the screen is symbolic.
For oil and coolant level low level alarms
Programmable maintenance intervals and scheduled maintenance reminders
Electrical and engine components easy service accessibility

Low emissions and waste

    T-Series units are now more than fulfilling the EU criteria, GreenTech engine is equipped with the cleanest on the market.
Reduction in waste levels due to extended maintenance interval program EMI2000
Materials used in the unit 99.7% of recyclable.
T-Series units ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management since 2000, Thermo King Galway / Ireland 'is produced in the factory.

Noise Level
Quieter operation

    Working at the level of a whisper
To decrease noise level 'Quiet Channel of the Poly-V type manufactured by technology tensioning straps

Capacities to meet your needs

    Proper use of single and multi-compartment fits with excellent transportation capacity
Eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and cost savings
0 ° C 6000W 'tan 11000W up capacities ranging
-20 ° C 3800W 'tan 6900W until capacities ranging
All units are tested at 55 ° C outdoor conditions

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