Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck GreenTech Motor

Monday25 May 2020

Thermo King GreenTech Engine

Low emissions, high performance

All units manufactured by Thermo King T-Series truck is equipped with a new series GreenTech engine. These engines, emissions and noise pollution with waste level has greatly reduced and EU standards including the strictest, known amply met all criteria. Therefore, when you see the name and symbol GreenTech, cooling units on the market today have the cleanest engine tell at a glance that you are caring for. Performance has also been improved, more powerful engines, and parts of GreenTech less tension force applied. The easiest for you is the best choice for the environment.

engine life

T-Series is a new series engines, the maximum forces more powerful than even the 80% level in working conditions. Oil cooler temperatures and thus fewer parts providing tensile strength and reduced engine wear.

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