Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck New TSR-2 controller

Saturday30 May 2020

New TSR-2 controller - Easy to use, hard to defeat

Powerful and easy to use, the new TSR-2 T-Series controller, the temperature of the truck drivers, carrying the load, regardless of the ability to deliver on the precise control easier.

Expressed through symbols step by step instructions, drivers and customers to quickly and precisely adjust the cooling unit, and ultimately help karlılığınıza.

TSR-2 standard
TSR-2 Standard in-cab control unit
New intuitive interface

New TSR-2-cab interface, no matter what language you speak brings the screen with all the information comprehensible symbols. This feature reduces the risks arising from the ease of use is enhanced, and user errors. A T-Series unit to better control all aspects of the TSR-2 Premium cabin graphic image is available as an option. Simple and logical for the user menus, simple to read display and has an interface consisting of 21 different language options.
Fuel savings

TSR-2 has the following features that increase fuel efficiency:

    Cycle-Sentry mode
ETV valve (electronic throttle)
Economy mode
Electronic door sensor input

ServiceWatch system with improved fault detection

Better diagnostics on system performance, service technicians better understand the potential problems and their solutions provides easier to produce. ServiceWatch preventive maintenance, fault recording unit, and the system's performance and functionality of advanced fault detection followed by precise, a built-in recording device. This device is a significant contribution to the findings of fault logs to ensure that all operating parameters.

TSR-2 premium
Premium cabin interior TSR-2 control unit
Easy to read LED display

New LED screen, better visibility in all lighting environments to provide a bright and clear. In addition, all ambient temperatures, it works perfectly.
Increased safety and security

End of the day the important thing is to protect your cargo. TSR-2, or even a much improved thanks to facilitate this work we also operate effectively.

    Keypad is locked
Phase correction
Diesel / electric auto switch
Setpoint alert
Oil and coolant level alarms
Secure access to on-stage levels for staff
The diesel engine and electric stand-by mode, hour meter display
DAS (data acquisition system), and Tracking (satellite tracking system) feature

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