Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck T-1000R Termoking Data Kamyon quality you can trust

Saturday30 May 2020

quality you can trust

Thermo King 's T-Series, as a result of years of extensive research and rigorous testing procedures, is made from the first day offers unparalleled reliability and productivity. T-Series, at every stage of the development process, R & D centers around the world's most advanced technology has been the most rigorous testing procedures. These tests, continuous endurance testing, accelerated service life tests and tests in extreme environments. All of these criteria, all kinds of T-Series cooling your unit without compromising the user area, and lets you count all ambient conditions.

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Extended maintenance intervals: EMI2000

     2000 hours / 24 months oil change interval
     With a reduced environmental impact of waste and waste from
     Low maintenance costs compared with competing models

Valve ETV (electronic throttle)

     Spectrum models, T1200R T1200R and the ETV valve helps reduce engine emission levels and allows an increase in fuel economy, depending on area of ​​use.




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