Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck New T500R

Monday25 May 2020

New T500R

 Extreme ambient temperatures, the solution

5.5 meters from the trucks at 55 ° C ambient temperatures up to, there is only one solution for refrigerated transport: T500R. Many refrigeration system 45 ° C even when the start and at 50 ° C difficulties in cutting power. T500R, but the 55 ° C until proven to work.

Performance criteria established for the new T-Series diesel units' high media capacity "is a necessity. Through extensive field trials and thousands of hours of design work, has proved itself the most demanding environments.

    55 ° C until proven performance
Work even in the toughest conditions
Full Thermo King service and parts support
Error-free ease of use
Market-leading performance and economy
Reduced environmental impact
Frozen and fresh products to carry up to 5.5 meters from the chassis
The stylish, new look
Standard: 404A
Optional: R134a

Works even in the toughest conditions
The main components of the proven

1 - X214 compressor: piston-cylinder deep sump design, run and millions of hours of proven reliability, over 10,000 hours of service maintenance interval can be repaired on site.

2 - TK270 :: two-cylinder diesel engine, proven design for refrigerated transport, 750-hour oil change interval.
Evaporator fans: three 12-volt electric fan long life, lasting twice as conventional electric fans.
Corrosion resistance

3 - microchannel condenser coil: the latest, aluminum cladding design. Conventional coil prevents galvanic corrosion caused by reaction of the copper and alümünyumun.
Steel components: galvanized, painted and kiln-dried to preserve the elements.

4 - plastic outer panels: totally corrosion-resistant, fiber-coated to protect against shock-resistant and high-quality appearance.

5 - E-coating frame: metal paint to draw a total increase resistance to corrosion, automotive-grade eloktro dip-coating is done and complete immersion coating is provided.
Market-leading performance and economy

T500R, raises the bar for equipment that can be done to compare the market. New large size of the microchannel condenser coil at high temperatures, outstanding performance. As a result, compared to the precursor, T500R increased cooling capacity (28% up to) and reduction of fuel consumption (12% up to) has. In addition, pre-cooling and temperature increases during the times when the distribution of sensitive loads, temperature more quickly and save time by pulling down on the protection of the product.
Error-free ease of use

TSR drivers are new and innovative in-cab control panel will find easy to use. The LED display will clearly be able to see critical data affected by high cabin temperatures. Numbers and symbols used in order to facilitate clarity and processes is simplified further. To avoid the use of menus, Cycle-Sentry, high speed limiting, defrost and tested before the trip sembollüdür illuminated buttons. Set point selected and approved by pressing up and down button can be set to error-free.
Reduced environmental impact

    Less CO2: reduced fuel consumption, which means less CO2 emissions.
GreenTech TK270 engine: not only high-performance, 65% reduction in particulate matter emissions.
Less waste: long maintenance intervals, less oil, filter and coolant is taken.
Less noise: compared with the previous standard models, the noise level of a whisper with a reduction in the level of performance of 55%. An even greater reduction in WhisperTM'''' optionally possible with low noise kits.

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