Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Truck New UT-Series

Monday13 July 2020

New UT-Series

The new Thermo King UT-800 and UT-1200 is designed for you and your environment. These units just to your surroundings, but also relative to the pocket. Trucks and truck trailers are specially designed according to the bottom of the global research and development centers were also subjected to extensive testing. Industrial reliability criterion, performance, durability and efficiency do not need to say another word.
The benefits to you

  •      Low fuel consumption
  •      Small and light
  •      Low-cost installation
  •      Easy accessibility to service
  •      Advanced TSR-2 controller

The benefits to the environment

  •      Low fuel consumption
  •      GreenTech engine emissions and reduced engine
  •      Reduced R-404 A refrigerant charge
  •      EMI2000 extended maintenance intervals

Текстиль для дома, Вышивка, Фурнитура, Ткани