Hoşgeldiniz ThermoKing Air Conditioning Passenger Train LRV Range

Saturday30 May 2020

LRV range

Lightweight innovative air-conditioning units for railway applications

Railroads are designed and manufactured according to the standards

Thermo King for 50 years, a leader in mobile temperature control, provides environmental control units. Now, light rail, public transport, rail vehicles, suitable for reliable, cross-country in comfort. LRV range, effectively provides the comfort of passengers and light rail vehicles designed for. Streamlined, and microprocessor-controlled unit is mounted on the ceiling, balancing the balance of outdoor and indoor air temperature and humidity controls. Thermo King also LRV range, can adapt to the specific needs of customers.

New and used vehicles powered light rail system

new tools

Thermo King is the new LRV range of rail vehicles, which can be designed into the car and installed during production edilebilir.Thermo King, efficient, convenient and fast installation procedures and tools to ensure that the manufacturer uses digital models.


Former light rail vehicles to extend their service ömürleini renovated. Many older vehicle, or had inadequate temperature control. Tools yenilenidiği time, Thermo King units, all with added air circulation system can be reused. Conclusion: The weather comfort with the latest technology systems, new vehicle

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