Hoşgeldiniz Trucks P-series

Monday13 July 2020

Scania P-series trucks, light weight, maneuverability and offers a large selection of fuel-efficient configuration.

Typical fields of application in construction, as well as short-haul, regional and local distribution, and services are available. This model with a range of versatile editing booth P has five: three-bed cabins, a day cab and a short cab.

All five cabinet in a compact size provides high-standard job fit. For large-volume loads and frequent stops and starts, Scania P-series trucks drivers, a spacious work area and provides easy access to the cabinet. And each of these features a number of up to 420 hp in-line engine with high torque are provided with Scania.

Low weight and a short cab area as well as the extra load of traffic clogged streets and is ideal for a busy construction sites. The radius of the rotation axis as necessary by a narrow optimum placement for the offers. This is the speed of light times the acceleration of Scania in-line engine that can be quickly helps reduce travel time driving environment.

Scania P-Series Photos

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