Hoşgeldiniz Trucks G-Series

Saturday30 May 2020

More space. More power. More comfort.

Scania G-series range of trucks in the country, long-haulage, distribution and application of almost any kind of construction is used, and provides a new level of comfort for drivers. All models include a wide cabin, and each G can be used as tractor or truck.

Scania G-series trucks, five cab variants: three-bed cabins, a day cab and a short cab. P-series in terms of interior space and a step on the engine performance. This is a larger inner space and a more comfortable sleeping space means. Up to 480 hp in-line engine also enables the drivers - these engines and off-road duties normally has enough power for the vast majority.

Chassis, engine and cabin made ​​of many combinations, transmission options and chassis strength chassis height and suspension systems offer up a variety of options. Which components you choose, you can expect to always be strong and economical performance.

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