Hoşgeldiniz Trucks R-Series

Saturday30 May 2020

Scania R-series - the power, the ultimate in space and comfort.

Scania R-series trucks, long-haul transport and other transport duties with little pause range drivers to provide optimum cabin. Spacious, comfortable and strong top-level trucks, designed to withstand the most demanding jobs and roads.

Scania R Series trucks Scania V8 engine mounted only. This feature alone makes it perfect R-series. Also specific to the R-series Scania Topline - Scania's largest, most imposing cabin. One day cab type R Topline cab during the day, as well as three different types of cabins and cabin beds, the most powerful, most comfortable and complete truck range.

As with all of the R-series Scania trucks, chassis height, suspension systems and axle configurations offers rich options.

Vehicle Photos

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