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Saturday30 May 2020


Asia Service

Scania's vehicles and engines produced by the best in the world. Important parts delivery, maintenance program to fit your business, making the training of drivers in terms of fuel economy issues such as financing your vehicles with or in accordance with the strategic vision to meet your needs under one roof, we have all the necessary expectations. Wide authorized service network to support your business with a professional staff, looking to expand, strengthen and provide solutions. Because we're committed ourselves fully.

Making an appointment by phone:
We will be waiting for you in a phone. There are as fully prepared. Thus, when you will not be waiting to.

Reality check:
Control of your vehicle Scania, Krone, Termoking the highest level of service that reflects the quality of the service performed by experts.

Fixed Price Offers:
No you do not request can not be executed in Scania and are not included in the bill. In short, Asia, the service fees paid, you will be the same as previously reported wage.

Hibernate and standby equipment:
Before starting the service, and for you to leave all the parts ready to be spooled REQUIRED.

The first time, the correct response:
Specially trained technicians and Scania, Termoking, Krone will experience the convenience of reliance on the information each time.

Ready for the time of the vehicle:
We promise that we will deliver the car for a day, you will not waste your time.

Detailed Invoice:
You will find the pre-bid given the same bill. Also invoice for all the details of the transactions take place.

Telephone Follow-up:
To make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service you have received, you will be connected all the time.

Service interval reminder:
Remind you of the following service time.

Interactive tools to service our customers with the opportunity to become more familiar with the tools and service consultants have the opportunity to see the problems of one to one.



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