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Saturday30 May 2020


The new 13-liter engine has raised the standards of the Platform for Scania

Scania 13-liter engines began to use the entire product range reaches the ultimate in fuel efficiency studies reveal paving, rising standards of hardware "quality" once again reveals the difference. Dynamic, secure, and efficient in every aspect of the Scania buses and Turkey, offering exceptional comfort with excellent driving pleasure. BaşlananOpticruise attractors in two-pedal automated transmission standard equipment offered, with the new Scania Retarder developed software, performance, increased exhaust brake, air conditioning and Scania Driver Support System and the standard in the segment, "standard-setting brand" continues to be. Scania'lar equipped with the most advanced new technologies, creating a difference in the conditions of Turkey compatible tools, next to the maintenance and operating costs in terms of fuel economy, continue to carry the properties of optimum efficiency.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology with a high performance driving conditions and to overcome all the challenging çekicileriyle a new structure. Scania fitted with the new systems, driving, load and road conditions, can adapt himself very easily. Practical and smart applications, advanced technology, offering users the largest contributor to the drivers Scania, power, safety, and comfort without compromising on quality once again reveals the heavy commercial vehicle sector. Scania's most advanced and most functional in-car applications, "closer to a long ways."

The new 13-liter engine Platform

Saving fuel without sacrificing performance

PlatformuScania new 13-liter engine developed by Scania Unit Injector (PDE) fuel sistemiveSeçici Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology offers maximum torque at low speed with the fuel savings without sacrificing performance.

Olduğuteknoloji with sayesinde1000 rev / min maximum torque available from the continuous driving comfort and provides superior traction. Scania Opticruise automated transmission and SDS (Driver Assistance Systems) support units Scania optimum fuel efficiency in the use of its efficiency to the next level.

Scania's new 13-liter engine platform for Euro 5 norms, 360, 400, 440, and 480 hp engine with a choice of 4 different strengths to the business offers its customers the possibility of making the ideal choice. The new 13-liter engine with 400 horsepower, the vehicle may comprise more than 85 per cent of the total working time from 1000 to 1300 rev / min range contains high power reaching the property.

Scania's new 13-liter engine platform, greatly reduces maintenance costs. Thanks to advanced technology used in the new engine, its users are increasing expenses and earnings are falling.

Environmental Scania SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction), nitrogen oxides contained in the exhaust gases emitted from the vehicle within the accepted norms of the compounds keeps. SCR system can be equipped with an emission control system that has proven itself in the new Scania 13 liter engines, high torque and low consumption, as well as protecting the environment from harmful gases also brings a lot of innovation.

New Scania Opticruise automated transmission and

Safe and Comfortable Driving

Scania offered as standard equipment with the fuel economy of the two pedallıScania Opticruise automated transmission, increasing driving safety and comfort. Bilinenmanuel with durability and quality Scania gearboxes, gear shifting system that provides automatic. Continuous improvements in the segment leader and the most advanced application sunanyeni Scania Opticruise automated transmission; takeoff, gear changes during orientation and navigation, two-pedal system that are driving without debriyajpedalı. The location of the pedal and the driver, which is controlled by the electronic control unit electrohydraulic servo, clutch engagement and disengagement is in the process. In this way, the driver and the driving is completely focused on the road by providing electronic software artırılıyor.Sistemdekigelişmiş driving safety and comfort, grip clutch wear occurring during the downloading of the minimum level.

The new 13-liter engine offered as standard in our cars Opticruise automated two-pedal Şanzıman'ın further increases fuel economy. Under the terms of the clutch pedal road and load the new Scania Opticruise gear selection to the economy by constantly providing fuel savings of up to 5 per cent, by preventing the driver from user errors, power and eliminates aktarmaorganlarında faults.

New Scania Opticruise Otomotize sürücününyük Şanzıman'da may prefer to road conditions and the economic and performance in addition to the two different driving modes to easily maneuver the vehicle mode and skidding çıkılabilmesini netted area that serves as a standard crib fonksiyonununu Movement.

New Scania Retarder

"Software was developed to help provide a safe speed control brake system"

New Scania Retarder and exhaust brake is fully compatible with the service trying to help you secure the speed control of a braking system designed to provide high efficiency.

Presented with a range of 13-liter engine with the new Scania Retarder ramp descent, the speed of securing a safe and comfortable ride is taking place at the desired level. At the same time keeping a high average speed, brake and tire wear, such as hindered by ensuring fuel efficiency, cost and saves time. New Scania Retarder is extremely easy to use, depending on the conditions of use can be controlled automatically or manually.

Offering versatile classic version improves fuel efficiency and performance, especially with applications designed for off-road heavy-duty transportation and more braking power even at low speeds, including the new version provides two different performance levels in 5 different works with step sunulanyeni Scania Retarder. Interstage synchronizing braking performance thanks to the developed software, exhaust brake, if necessary, at all levels now enter the circuit.

New Exhaust Brake

"More Braking Power Delivers"

The exhaust from the first stage of the new Scania Retarder Frenigerekli cases, stepping increases braking capacity. Increased volume and improved motor control system 261 kW (355 hp) up to the braking force is provided. Scania Scania Retarder and exhaust brake on the use of the new 761 kW (1,034 hp) until the braking power can be made.

Opticruise use with the gear, the maximum exhaust braking power is automatically changed to allow the engine speed to the optimum. New exhaust brake, extend the life of brake pads and ramp descent cruising speed, while maintaining fuel economy of the support. The new Scania 13-liter engine with exhaust brake performance platform is increased to 6 per cent.

Driver Assistance Systems (SDS) and

Up to 10 percent fuel economy

One of the biggest users of Scania's deputies, offered as a standard Scania Driver Support System (SDS). During the use of the vehicle by the driver feedback to ensure safe and economical driving techniques play important roles in the development of Driver Assistance Systems, working in real time while driving task is completed, a summary of the main parameters is obtained after. Easy to understand the drive that contains data Driver Assistance Systems (SDS), which happened in the four basic categories of eco-driving training, gear selection, braking, driving performance prediction and points on the ramp, giving a more economical and takes on the task of guidance for safer driving.

Taking into account all of the data used in accordance with the SDS system, the vehicle can be provided up to 10 percent fuel economy is seen. Driver Assistance Systems (SDS), providing a more efficient use of the vehicle, extends the economic life of the tractor.

Scania Standard Air Conditioning

Low fuel consumption, low cost, expenses, next driving dynamics and comfort for a performance-based Scania does not ignore the air takes its place among the standard equipment. Right conditioned cab allows the driver to concentrate on driving the road surface and increasing comfort. Thus, both driving safety is increased, as well as fuel efficiency is achieved.

Scania vehicles, air conditioners, two options are offered, including manual and automatic control. Scania Automatic Controlled Air conditioning, ventilation, air conditioning compressor and the fan switched in and out as needed, providing further offers the advantage of fuel economy.

APS Smart Compressor

"Idle Energy Uses"

Scania'lardaki APS intelligent compressor control functions with fuel-saving and prolonging the service life of the vehicle. APS, the brakes are used whenever possible to help emerging air tanks to fill idle energy increases efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by using the.

Scania Chassis Filter "Water Separating Fuel Filter"

The new 13-liter engine, other hardware platform while the chassis is offered as a standard filter. Filter, water and particles that may be present within the fuel to the engine structure prevented the. Except for some special applications, such as dangerous goods transport chassis types are offered as standard heated filter, and the filter is extracted from the water from freezing in the fuel parafinleşerek prevent clogging of the filter. It also extends the life of the engine, preventing it from corrosion.

Scania Axle Load Indicator

Scania Axle Load Indicator, axle load on the main screen on the dashboard, shows that by means of the sensor attached to the suspension. Compatible with air suspension axle semi-trailers to ensure fair distribution of the load on the vehicle showing the loads are given feedback. Scania Axle Load Indicator also extend the life of the suspension with the correct load distribution, facilitate compliance with legal requirements.

Scania "VERA" Electronic Vehicle Registration System Performance

Developed by Scania "VERA" Electronic Vehicle Performance Recording System, during the lifetime of the vehicle's performance, fuel consumption, driver's use of a system of values ​​and setting out the factors that increase the operation time. VERA, reporting of usage data from the vehicle, allowing the development of operational performance, reduce costs, and drivers. However, with regular use, will be provided by closely following the development of drive performance and fuel savings.

VERA from connecting to the computer with the file from the service vehicle, the average fuel consumption values, gear handling performance, fault codes, lining wear rate, engine speed range of the engine load condition and detailed information on issues such as accessible.


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