Give your big day the WOW factor pallet wedding backdrop with a DIY wedding ceremony backdrop! We wanted something that was tall enough for Evan to stand in front of, so we just used the full length of the 2×4’s you get at Home Depot (8 feet). Yep, we took a few of the short strips and cut them up into even smaller bits that were just long enough to bridge the gap from the short strips to the floor. This DIY was created with a wedding in mind as part of the Cricut Wedding Campaign, ‘It’s your story make it personal’ (have you entered their ginormous giveaway yet?) It’s quite the undertaking. We left the fabric in the dye for a little while and impatiently checked and checked until we decided to pull it out to prevent it from getting over-saturated. Since we were going for pastels, we wanted the color to be very faint. And there you have it! For the legs, you can really do whatever height you want. And since we wanted the legs to fit so snugly in the brackets on each foot, we wanted to make sure we paired the right leg with the foot that was fitted to it. We have the step-by-step tutorial. With other fabrics you might need to cut down the whole length of the strip, but with muslin it’s way easier to rip away. Be the first to rate this post. This backdrop is one of the simplest DIY tutorials that I have ever done! 100% Safe & Secure Access. And instead of doing wood across the top we decided on curtain rods because they were also easy to remove AND the curtain rods would allow our width to be adjustable (we didn’t want to be locked into a specific width). Create a framed space with a giant hexagon perfect for a modern party or wedding ceremony. For example, many times out pink mixes were still too pink or my blues were still too blue, so we'd make a batch of tan dye and leave the pinks and blues in there for a while to soak up the tan. The decorative cabinet knobs and picture frames help create the old-fashioned look that goes with the distressed look of the wood panels. There are many great ideas when making wedding backdrops. Adding small shelves will allow you to showcase your treats and décor at different heights while twinkle lights can add warmth to a wide open space. You can also experiment with curtains, blankets, paper, flowers and custom signs to give your photos a unique feel. But today we want to talk more about a different kind of palette altogether. In this post, you’ll learn: (Plus they matched the flower in Katelyn's hair so it was pretty much meant to be!). DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop This rustic-look wedding backdrop would be great for a photo booth or the guest book table, or just to add extra charm. ), Blog (includes tutorials from our pre-YouTube days). With hundreds of wedding backdrop boards on Pinterest and thousands of choices online, it can be a daunting task to choose the perfect display for your big day. Luckily the wind was just a light breeze for the rest of the night so this ended up not being an issue anyway. Positive User Reviews. Set the stage using them as part of your opening ceremony, a backdrop or even a chandelier. We wanted this backdrop to be sturdy people! A wedding backdrop can eb easily made of pallets, too: you can grab a couple of pallets and decorate it with monograms, lights, blooms, greenery and any other stuff that you consider appropriate. Check out these cool wooden palette wedding backdrop eco-friendly way to use in your wedding décor ! Plus… it looked gorgeous!!! I think I saw an article about you... didn't you DIY your whole wedding? See that light pink in the middle of the pile (second photo) that looks like a washed out highlighter? I take a ton of pictures, not just of my children, but also for the blog. The awesome part was that we already had cheap white sheer curtains from Ikea so we just used those! As we mentioned earlier, we decided to use two curtain rods for the backdrop: one in front for the fabric, and one behind to hang sheer white curtains from (to act as sort of a backdrop for my backdrop, if you will). Thank you for supporting us! Since both our hands were occupied for the next step (Katelyn holding things, Evan drilling) we didn’t get photos of the next part, but basically Evan then drilled screws through those two holes in the L bracket and out the other side of the 2×4. But it definitely wasn’t enough to match the amount of too-short strands. Then just a couple quick cuts on our jig saw and we had notches for our curtain rods to sit nicely into! I built this giant hexagon as a focal backdrop piece for a spring benefit party. We liked the idea of fabric strips, but we wanted to do a really soft, subtle gradient and we weren't sure we would find all the colors we needed to do that. I wanted to make a "ceremony" area as well as "reception" area so I decided to build my own arch. To transport the fabric to the wedding, we split the curtain rod in half and rolled up each side. Colorful Wrapped Rope Macrame Knot Necklace. Somehow in our excitement about dyeing, we totally got the wrong length for our fabric. We bought some 2×4’s and got them cut at Home Depot into 6 pieces. The Best Diy Backdrop Stand For Wedding Free Download PDF And Video. You get warm water and put a weeeee little bit of dye in and mix it about. New video every week (or so). A backdrop for your wedding ceremony is sort of like putting the perfect frame around the picture of the two of you. After pinning everything in place, Katelyn just hand stitched it together. To use the dye, just follow the instructions on the bottle. (Or most of it?) Did you make this project? After we pulled out each strip from the dye and rung it out, we let it air dry hanging in the shower. but it would be SO beautiful for a wedding shower, baby shower, or any party… or photo booth. I’ve been in the process of setting up a home photography studio in the basement for the past few months. This couple actually made their backdrop together! 1. We guessed what length we would want it to be and just bought just enough for that. Unless you were looking at it as closely as this photo was, the seams were pretty much invisible! At left, this aqua disc ‘curtain’ is created with an extra large paper punch, card stock, and twine. Then we used a rubber mallet to pound the bolts through the holes (illustration included). With this wax paper backdrop, you can still see what's behind you, which is important when you're having an outdoor wedding. You just need to focus on your wedding theme and you will get amazing wedding photos with these backgrounds! So we labeled the left foot and leg with an A, and the right foot and leg with a B. If you have a cat, they can really help with this part. Mobile Friendly. You know, where the breeze flutters it a bit and you see how sparse all those fabric strips look when there is no solidity to them. 3 years ago, Haha yeah that was us! I kept going, adding more and more neutral pinkish-tan pieces to pull everything together. Highlights: Complete Materials List Available, Easy To Follow Plans. We knew we wanted them to be able to hold a 2×4 vertically in place as a leg, but that 2×4 also needed to be easily removable. This DIY backdrop stand is a quick and easy project that will get lots of use, if you’re anything like me! We roughly sharpied on some zig-zags onto our wood as guides (since that would be easier to cut than anything rounded out). Some ideas are simpler than others, you can find countless materials and have a wide range of wedding backdrop ideas to choose from, starting with diy wedding backdrops, rustic wedding backdrops, wedding photo backdrops to personalized wedding backdrops. In the picture below, you can see the front-on view (along with close up photos of the notches). But the secret is out, and crafters and upcyclers are getting pallets by the dozen to rip apart and remake into fabulous bits of rustic décor and furniture. Share it with us! Photo : Brooke Allison Photo. :). We knew we’d be driving this contraption from Houston to Austin for the wedding, so we wanted something that would pack well and be easy to set up. The wedding backdrop is trending to more and more elaborate designs as couples compete for the most creative, gorgeous draperies possible. These holes were just barely big enough to hold our bolts, so everything was nice and snug.