My fawn does have skin allergies, but we are able to keep it under control, with no hair loss and his coat is shiny. If you want direct you ire at anyone, don’t take aim at responsible breeders and owners who love and care for their animals. All responsible breeders should have the goal of breeding to better the breed, not just to breed because you like the color! He does have a barking problem and absolutely hates the squirrels that tease him. Avoid Scams and Fraud - Potential areas of fraud: wire transfer, moneygrams, money orders, cashier checks, shipping, escrow, "transaction protection", "guarantee". I have had a black and tan, and then Coco, our Red. I think blue and fawn are dilutions of black and red, respectively. I have only had a female red & rust Doberman but look forward to welcoming a dynamic duo of a female and male to my home as soon as I’m able to. i think whitedobielover has the most sense of anyone on here. You might also hear this called “Isabella”. This is a fallacy. That’s 100% Doberman. (about halfway sarcastic) Now I’m starting to sound like some of you guys. Possibly started to discourage people from breeding with the intentions of producing Whites. I have a all black doby! Love them for the world. Is the concept of good breeding practices really so difficult to comprehend? For those just learning about Profiling, more how a breeder can determine before mating the future potential of a match. I have a male isabella named Apollo and a femal black and tan named annie we are expecting puppies any day now!! So let my story short my Dobermans have been great with all ages and protects to the death. He is crate trained for while she is at work and he loves to go for rides and hikes. He lived to be 16 years old. Please don’t justify ignorant human actions and behavior with a book and history that you have proved you have no comprehension of. It does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with the dog itself. This whole thread disgusts/disappoints me. I think many people don’t want to admit the truth about albino dogs because it resonates with whites people having white skin which is also albinism. Thanks for any info. Several different types available. Would like to tell you my story. Can a fawn doberman have a pink nose or do all of them have brown nose? Our girl Porsche is a love bug. She had experienced some hard blows in her life, starting at birth. All due to old age band sickness. However, when you dilute black, you get this blue-ish gray color. both allels are white – you get a white puppy (25% chance). If you’re talking with a breeder that does breed these dogs, I would be very cautious doing business with them. Blue lived a very long life..Very healthy dog..I’m not sure exactly, what the name of the lotion was. Don’t buy into the hype and fall for this tactic. Any reputable Dobe breeder will react with horror at the idea of continued or purposed breeding of these poor dogs. But as long as you love your own Doberman that’s what counts. A Cream/white Doberman has light brown pigment to the hair, Light pigment to the skin and blue eyes. But I surmised that a low dosage daily would be better. Love your dog and I will Love mine! Blue/fawn may be susceptible to skin and color dilution problems as time goes on. A Black and Rust pedigree Doberman Pinscher has the same chance of being a carrier of poor, breed-specific, genes as the White. our first family dog was a red he grew up with my 3 boys he was a loyal campaign and friend to them. I would also like to add that ‘the leading’ mfr of dog food is and has been a problem for us, having lost several dogs to cancer. Chantelle would push her nose under her hand and flip it to land on her head. I wonder if this is what happens with dobermanns. Good morning. My red Dober-boy, Steele, gets a sunburn on and just above his nostrils the fist day outside in the Spring. The blue Dobermann has the color gene with at least one dominant allele and the dilution gene with both recessive alleles (i.e., BBdd or Bbdd). i have a white doverman and he is very loving hes six years old no health problem until last week he started falling like his front claws wants to turn in while he walks has anyone every had this proble please let meknow? The youngest was 13 . The white doberman I kept has never had any health problems in the four years I have owned her. Of course, not all Doberman colors are officially recognized by the AKC. Cause I promise not everyone loves your children. They have even discovered that Neanderthals had red hair and blue eyes. But we’ll admit – it’s a little difficult to see because the two colors are very similar and the contrast is very minimal. In truth, there are various factors involved that may have deemed one dog bad, while another dog even from the same litter, but who has never been subjected to the same issues. Then she bought a black and rust European bred puppy from a totally different breeder. I want a Dobie but don’t want the hassle with home owners insurance. But let us think about this line breeding. VOILA!!! There are different shades of red hair, ranging from a copper tone to dark chocolate. Black and red coats are traditionally the "image" of the Doberman. I have to say that in some parts of its body there’s lack of hair and I want to know if there’s something to make it grow again. I think the main point about white Dobermans is that they should rarely be bred from both white parents. I am now 16) I can say that for some people, purebred dogs are better. Also there are some white champions in schutzhund as well as obedience and agility course do your research like i said, Ok to all the white haters DO YOUR RESEARCH! Just one opinion. yes they are blue but that does not mean the dog is “white” it is ALBINO, there is no such thing as a white Doberman. And health concerns of white Dobermans. So learn more before spouting off. The white and the black. I had a red dobie for 13 years…my white is no different…no added health issues. }. Both my Black/rust girl, Phoenix and Steele get a fleece lined coat in the Winter. In some cases, Dobermans that are blue or silver can have color dilution alopecia – or short DCA. However, they are a bit of a roulette because the negative qualities of their parental breeds are also there. Well be receiving him next week once he turns 8 weeks but I’m just worried now that’s all the money I just spent on him I’m going to spend more because of the possible health issues of him being z factored . Myself I dont like akc I would rather deal with A.P.R.I. Now my family is waiting for our new 3 months blue doberman. She would come and take my hand gently and lead me to him if he was wet or had soiled his diaper. people are intitled to their own opinons though. Thank u so much for your response. The mutation producing the albino color only functions at high temperature, hence the hair close to the body (where temps are warm) is albino, and the hair at the cooler extremities (ears, face, tail) reverts to the default color of the cat (usually the classic dark color, but sometimes orange, etc. We are 68 and 72 and are no longer up to raising a rambunctious pup. The blue Doberman is recognised by the AKC, but not by most of the European standards and is avoided by most breeders for just this reason. Hi Samuel, You are soooo right!! People who breed Albino dobermans only care about the money and not the breed, they sell them for more money saying they are “rare”. It’s obviously you don’t know a damn thing about the breed do your research get a DNA test stop believing all the crap you see on the internet about white Dobermans none of it is true. Because the tan looks like a light brown, the contrast isn’t as “nice” and deep as with the black and rust. my family and I are very invested in this puppy his name is Einstein and I’d hate to back out on this because we’ve already grown quite attached to him. They always will! How is Duke? Before I bought our current Red Male, the breeder asked what I was looking for, I said I was a little partial to a Red Male never having owned a Red before. Also…. I knew he would naturally. Sarah: I have to agree, albinos have red eyes not blue…so that kind of confuses me (Only on this subject because I wanted a little bit of advise before getting a white Doberman. If there are genetic problems in a particular line – say, deafness or blindness – then that could easily be mitigated by careful selective breeding. The point that the author was making was that they are partially albino and albinism comes with health problems. It’s been recorded that one champion white even bit his judge prior to winning. onsumers and dog lovers need to be educated about the health concerns of these dogs. You’re a freaking genius. They always have. Don’t buy into this lie. To each his own on color, if it floats your boat and you love that guy or gal go for it. “White” Doberman Punchers have NEVER been proven to be albino, and yes, white dobes can be show dogs in some countries, and, yes, there have been white champions, regardless of temperament. If a red dog has one partial albinism gene, it becomes isabella/fawn. We have done all the testing that any breeder should do. Little kids that don’t know him jst run right up to him and want to pet him. The whites are AKC. What a bunch of self- flattering snobbery, 1). She clearly stated they are a “partial albino” The Doberman club of America discourages breeding them and they are disqualified from the show ring. I don’t agree with breeding whites at all. These are black Dobermans without the usual rust color markings. Regarding the albinism debate and eye color: albinism can be partial in mammals (and also birds, even wild ones), and can come from various mutations in the genome. Your dobe at 140 lbs is either overweight or oversize. A blue Doberman’s coat color is due to a gene that hinders total pigmentation and dilutes it. The breeding of the albino Doberman is disgusting and anyone who supports this interbreeding is also disgusting! And the blue Doberman is sometimes called a gray Doberman or silver Doberman. any day they dont want to break your bank every time you deal with them. Some have went on to shows. Sorry this is late, did not mean to ignore you. The black and rust Doberman Pinscher is by far the most common color for these dogs. If white dobermans were not meant to exist God would not have produced them. White Tigers are not albinos, and therefore do not suffer the genetic weaknesses common to albinos. It means they are subject to more possible health problems and should not be used for breeding. Calling them stupid. I have just came across this post so Im reading it a bit late. If an animal lacks pigment in one part of his body (like fur) and not in another (like eyes) it’s attributed to another genetic abnormality. Howdy. My name is nick. As a long-time Doberman owner/lover, trainer, and obedience competitor, I can say I’ve never seen a solid red, blue, or fawn doberman. It is a FACT they are prone to way more health problems than the other color variations. It is difficult to analyse why the Caucasian colour originated in humans – presumably because melanistic colouration was not particularly needed in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet. So please before you make some uneducated snarky reply again… please refrain from your own ignorance! We dearly loved all of our girls, their different temperaments and personalities. Thanks for yr post. Liberal, if someone wants a well bred full bred fog with a health history, family history Great. I mean, AKC and ‘purebred’ dogs are already sick and unhealthy as it is. I have one too (rescue). and behind the bar gravel parking lots. Anyone who truly cares about the breed should not want to shut down discussions of genetic facts as proven by science – not emotion. Even so, it’s felt that these dogs are not inferior to the reds or blacks if good breeding is present. You sound like you have a deep love for the breed. A horse with partial albinism has a cream-coloured coat, white mane and tail and blue eyes. I am looking for a blue and tan puppy to join her but the only litter I have found seems to be for a lady that has v negative feedback from. Blue and Fawn Dobermans. Sure, some may be loving, intelligent, and even have no health problems; however, the majority of them do. However, there are cases in which the eyes of an albinistic animal appear red or purple, depending on the amount of pigment present. In fact, they’re quite common in blue French Bulldogs. I’ve volunteer edo at ASPCAS and many of those dogs have serious physical and emotional issues. He’s also had three skin cancer spots removed as well – one from each lower eyelid, and one from his elbow. But I cannot feel anything other than grateful, because I feel as though we have rescued her. The reason for the “blue-ish” color is because they’ve inherited copies of the dilute recessive gene. But due to the tan-like color, they’re sometimes referred to as the “black and tan” or “black and brown” Dobermans as well. They’re the ones who cause animals to suffer and waste billions of dollars in resources that could be used elsewhere. When the very first white Dobermans were discovered due to a mutation, they would breed brother and sister white Dobermans together to make more white Dobermans. The only surgery she has ever had was her spay. We have never had a blind, or deaf puppy. When I get my male Dobe, I personally will go for black/red to avoid any potential problems of the other 2 colors. No-brainer. Another Dobie for us, please. Health issues are rampant in dobes. Were u able to do anything for him. If anyone is a breeder of Dobermans please reply with some info or things i would need to know first!! european goldfinch Pets and Animals in California at classifieds. In fact, they’re the ones you imagine when you think of these dogs – often depicted in movies, comic books and mainstream media. As you may have guessed, this color is not officially recognized and potential health problems may arise. my first dobe was white, I rescued him, he was def, and blind in one eye, as well he was a fear biter, he passed at only 3 years of age due to cancer… some people get lucky with health issues… I was informed of problems and gave home the best home I could. i want to know what i can do to make his time better when he has to be alone. So if you go by that logic albinos are free since it cant even be showed at competitions. According to Dr.S., An albino has no pigment to hair, skin, eyes or mucous membrane. Yes i agree dont breed for a color (but i do want a white) but for temperment and health i have seen dobies that are just ill tempered in any color. It’s like saying you dont like people of colour. Which at this point is all it is. They are actually more healthy than your average Dobie. 2) Fall in love with it, and do all you can do to make its life better. I think the main point about white Dobermans is that they should rarely be bred from both white parents. In the meanwhile we have adopted a 7 months old dobie girl. I didn’t buy a white Dobe but I did just adopt one when our local shelter had to be evacuated and she needed somewhere to go for a few days and I just couldn’t bring her back. I have taken in many dogs that were not purebred and wonderful animals. (Think back on your Punit Square from Biology class) I do Not think it would be right to breed with the specific intentions of producing a litter of beautiful White or Cream color Dober-Babies. Maybe you shudnt even own a dog if you feel they’re , how do I put this, um.. “stuoid”. The website also has a lot of information for anyone wanting information about the Dobermans. As a result, this practice has caused these dogs to come in albino – though not exactly. You sound scarily superior to the rest of us – Thread from 2 posts above – ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if we could guarantee that the breeders of the white Dobermans had as much integrity as you think your daughter has ? I want my future Doberman to have the best foundation of development and training, something that I fear I will not be able to provide myself. My female just turn 3 n we have had no health issues thus far. I will say the bad press about white/cream does not help. Whites have been around for a very long time! I have been a little crazy since as he is like yours, just as friendly and loving as can be and a little velcro. Actually, any real research will show that white Dobermans are not albino. Known ailments associated with the Doberman (Von Willebrand’s Disease, Wobbles, Hip-Dysplasia) come from careless breeding. They interbred the two and then bred the offspring (for several generations, I might add) and out popped what is in my opinion the finest canine ever produced. There are just to many reports of health risks, and all just so you can have one in a white color. I am a dark skinned person i hve stomach problems, light sensitivity, and sometimes i dont behave like i should….should i be assisted with death because of it? She has a perfect Doberman physique and is unbelievably sweet and kind. He claimed because of the blue eyes that they were not albinos and had a fair amount of references from happy owners who claimed they had no uncommon problems. It isn’t expensive (~ $25 for puppy, young and adult and ~ $50 for seniors per month ). So smart and loves attention. Although I have never personally owned a White Dobie, I have had the distinct honor of knowing four of them, very, very well. What would actually be beneficial is if all of the passionate people that felt the need to express their explosive opinions on this article actually got together and tried to make an argument collectively to have the dobermans removed from the aggressive dog lists that affect housing. The writer does not anything about white doberman. Check it out! Think I can pass him off as a Weimie ?:). Boy did they whine! 0 Sickly dogs produce sickly pups, I wonder why its supposed to be ok to breed a unhealthy black and tan doberman but not a healthy white one? They are siblings, obviously not planning on breeding them. In actuality, the color looks like a charcoal gray, silver with a hint of purple. Until scientific research is done to prove they are albinoid, you all have no right to bicker like children about a dog. There is no such thing as a white doberman. Does anyone know of a reputable blue and tan breeder in the UK as I don’t believe shipping a puppy from the states is good. That being said, the Doberman Pinscher only has 4 official standard colors as set by the American Kennel Club. the cause is called interbreeding. In a survey on this website, we asked visitors which color was their favorite. My Westie wanted to be second in command and over stepped her place so now I can’t let the Shepherd and Westie together. and please stop guilt trapping people into picking a shelter pet. I have a fawn male and a white female, who’s previous owner relinquished her to us. I USE “Z” FACTOR DOGS IN MY CURRENT LINE AS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL & EXCELLENT MINDED DOGS! White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. For example, if the white gene in a tiger provided resistance to any given cat disease, then breeding white tigers could potentially endow the species with a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card in the future. What about the thyroid condition that Dobe’s get? A good breeder breeding for health in the whites is going to produce good whites. A little stubborn and head strong, but quick to pick up new things. with that. As I type this, we are in a Olcaa FL hotel waiting for the arrival of our dobie #4. They are NOT a dog you can put out in the backyard and ignore. Having said all this, if you do find a white Doberman rescue dog or a white Doberman from a breeder with a good reputation, who does health testing,  please give them a chance. I have never been owned by a “White”, but I’ve been blessed to know several, very, very well. White dobermans can be sickly or healthy as can ANY other dog. I believe you have them and you want to get rid of them. Hey Marga, we find ourselves in your shoes. Your grandad was correct about that “one Dog” our was Cleo. Blue – A bluer Doberman has its black pigment diluted. You are right, you do have to be a bit careful with White Dobes getting too much sun. All domesticated animals – including all dog breeds are a bit of an abomination or reconstruction of ‘natural selection’ and I feel that we need to be wary of pontificating or judging the significant efforts of those who believe in breeding white Dobermans. I can’t imagine life without a Dober-girl/boy by my side. This photo shows a black mom with her red puppy. You are a real jerk. Furthermore, whilst I don’t as of yet own one… I think I shall purchase one just to chagrin the louts that scream so loudly about topics such as this, illegal immigrants taking their jobs, and globak warming being an utter farce. While they do typically have high intelligence, friendly disposition, and minimal health issues, the opposite is also fairly common. The MESOSILVER brand is the only one I can recommend because it is the only one Ive ever used. He was only 4 and a half years when cancer disabled him. Consequently, instead of looking black with some rust markings, these dogs look blue with some rust markings. Also they are small puney and frail in body type and just couldnt prefrom protection duties very well because ther bodies arnt built for the extreme exersizes and longevity of the protection sports or work that military or police use, there ligiments and muscle tissue and joints wouldnt hold up.. Blue Dobermans and fawn Dobermans are both color dilutions. RECOMMENDED: 34 Beautiful Black Dog Breeds, The blue and rust Doberman is truly a beautiful sight to see. Richard has been raising dogs his whole life, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd. As long as you do,that’s all that matters. It’s because of people like you who feel it’s not worth it to neuter them, therefor they keep reproducing . The local shelter has several purebred dobies waiting to be adopted right now. White tigers are very beautiful creatures as are white lions and both occur and survive naturalistically in nature. Some people are better at this than others and some dogs (regardless of breed) are easier to train than others. Any of my sickly pooches see the vet often and my healthy ones visit the vet twice a year for check ups and boosters. Birth defects don’t require you put the dog to sleep, but be responsible and educated. The vet told me the breeders usually put the white puppies to sleep and any animal lover would not do such a thing. If you ask me it’s people who are ignorant and stupid . Still, breeding is needed for that so the idiot you replied to is, in fact, an idiot. NOT INBREEDING. The answer, “Anything and everything!” From cleaning solvents to toxins such as rat poison. Im hopeful this discovery leads to many more years for our beloved Dobermans! You claim to have rescued some dogs from the shelter, let me ask something, didnt it break your heart to see that overcrowding there? Okay, I own a beautiful Dob. No it’s not. Today an incredibly regal and majestic dog. This gos for cats, dogs, horses, pigs and any thing else. If you were any better you wouldnt be breeding dobermans and adding to the unwanted masses of dogs in shelters you would be adopting and careing for the dogs already here. red dobies are very nice to kids I have one named penny oh and I’m a kid btw anyways penny is so sweet she always greats people with a smile and she is always nice, I just wanted to say that it’s a shame that people give ALBINO Dobermans such a bad rap….I have had Dobermans since 1987 and they are GREAT companions…before about 35 years ago I saw a white doberman and other exotic animals that were in the news from being taken from a home in Eastwood,NY…some asshole was arrested for having all these animals that he didn’t have licenses for…when I saw the Albino in the news I wanted to adopt him and very sad to say that when I called the SPCA told me that he was unadoptable..I asked why and they said because his owner would take a tazer to the dog and because of that they had to put him down…I was so angry that an innocent dog was treated that way…..last year I found my Albino and he is GREAT….so loveable, playful and and just amazing couldn’t ask for a more loving dog….People need to stop judging dobermans and dogs in general…its not the breed of the dog its how you raise/train the dog…you as an owner are what you make your dog to be just like a child…your actions mold the dog……keep your heart open to all dogs ALBINOS too. All of our Dobes have been raised and exposed to children (many small children as part of their socialization) and have done great. I was hoping someone knows or can open their heart to this girl.. Brenda. I also understand that just because they are here doesn’t mean you should TRY to breed them. I just got lucky ☺. Just had her ECG and all done at just past 11 and still everything perfect. Doctors say it is very possible that nothing has spread and the treatment really isn’t going to add that much time for the cost and has no real guarantee. if my husband has alergies and so do i should we not have children? Bottom line…its irresponsible to propagate unhealthy breeding. He loves the nieghborhood kids and all of the visitors that come into the house but he is always on guard when strangers come around. remember please dont be a moron and breed these dogs ever ! If you regularly have visitors over to the house, this should do. The blue Doberman is a dilute of black. plus i have always wanted a bigger dog that i could run around and play with in the back yard. While it shouldn’t be on a site about dogs, it’s still rude. Yes, the blue and rust Dobermans also have the genes for a black and rust Doberman. We have had white dobie who had many health problems such as Addison’s disease, fear biter,Couldn’t see…and Blue dobie who was the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. It’s just a thing we do to protect our four-legged family members. Good luck! With how popular the black and rust Doberman is, you would think that a solid black Doberman is popular too, right? Should I be concerned? However, she is overly friendly with EVERYONE and very healthy. But to everyone that has question about wanting to buy one i just like to say the are special its like having a special child they cant see good in sun light late afternoon best for him’and to those that say put them down do you put special children down! Puts up with everything my kids do to him, he is protective, big and strong, and gives our family unconditional love. We are searching the rescues, not an easy task – they all have their own “qualifications to adopt”.